30 Day Writing Challenge (times 6)

By | Last updated December 3, 2015

Have you ever felt you’re not doing enough to push your website and online business further?

If so, I have a challenge just for you:
The «30 Day Writing Challenge».

In this post, I’m going to show you what it is and how my own version of the «30 Day Writing Challenge» is going help you become more productive and closer to success.

I’ll do that in just a second but, before that, I need to tell you my story.

My Personal Blog Story

Hopefully you’ve already realized how much I like to write.

It’s no wonder then that several years ago I owned a personal blog.

It was not targeting any specific niche, I just wrote whatever came to mind.

For whatever reason (being too tired, not having that much time, or just feeling lazy) I wouldn’t publish new blog posts on a regular schedule basis. Some days I would come up with something new, some other days I wouldn’t do anything really.

Obviously… the blog was not getting very far.

That made me reach a very clear conclusion:

If I wanted more visitors, more engagement from them and better results…

I needed to push things further and take it up a notch.
I needed more content frequency.

My One Post A Day Challenge

I was working a 9-5 job at the time — I’m a full time Internet marketer now –- but, even so, I decided to commit myself to publishing a new blog post every single day for a year.

And so I did.

I Got Awesome Results From Writing Daily

It didn’t take too long to start seeing results.

More traffic flowing in, more returning visitors and, finally, a pretty interesting audience was being built.

Consequently, I was getting more comments, engagement and interaction than ever before and my blog begun to climb blogosphere’s steep ladder of influence and notoriety.

More importantly:
My productivity increased and I even overtook my original daily goals of one new post per day.

Bottom line:
My new approach, strategy and efforts really worked.

End of story.

«30 Day Writing Challenge»… With A Twist

Today, I’m officially announcing my new challenge:
The «30 Day Writing Challenge» (Times 6)

Sometimes I feel lazy running all my 7+ websites simultaneously (I get burned out frequently, sure) and postpone content writing and publishing when I should ought to be doing it quite regularly.

As you know, I’m publicly building a niche website here on the Buzz Nitrous blog and great content in lots of quantity is needed quickly.


My promise and version of «30 Day Writing Challenge»… with a twist

I’ll set myself to write 500 words a day over the next 30 days… times 6.

I’ll write 500 words every single day — not just for 30 days but… — for the next six months and see what benefits it will bring to my online businesses in the long run.

Those daily 500 words won’t be a new post though.
That’s not what I’m saying.

Since my blog posts are usually over 2,000—3,000 words in length, those 500 words will represent mere pieces of a bigger puzzle (e.g.: a section of a post; smaller portion of the whole text, etc).

Setting Small Daily Milestones

The trick here is setting up a daily goal and committing to it.
No matter what.

If I write 500 words a day for about 4 days, I’ll have a new blog post almost ready by the end of those four days. That’s much more than what I’m producing right now!

I’m excited to see how this will work out six months from now.

30 Day Writing Challenge (Times 6) Updates

I’ll be updating this section here every week and at end of each month.
This will hold me accountable and responsible to writing content.

I suggest you bookmark this post and come back here often. 🙂


  • Dec 3th. Started challenge. Wrote more than 500 words for this post here.

I Challenge You

Now it’s your turn.

I’m challenging you to take up my «30 Day Writing Challenge» (Times 6). Are you up for it? Click To Tweet

I’m challenging you to take up my «30 Day Writing Challenge» (Times 6) and write yourself 500 words a day every single day for the next 6 months.

Are up for the challenge?
If you are –- and I hope so –- leave a comment below saying “I’m in”.

How Can This Writing Challenge Benefit You

There are a number of ways taking up this challenge can benefit you.

First off, you really need to be consistent with your content publishing schedule to build your audience when running just about any type of blog or website. This principle here applies to niche websites too.

Secondly, it’s just like exercising. The more you do it, the easier it becomes and the better you’ll get at it. If you do it enough, it might even become second nature to you. It’s all about perseverance.

I can tell you another short story about perseverance.

Years back, I decided to lose some weight.
I wouldn’t say I was too big because I’m tall and strong built (is this another term for “fat”? :P) but I had some extra pounds according to my weighing-machine.

I decided to exercise every day and stick to it no matter what.

Outcome: I lost over 60 pounds in about 9 months. (I got too thin naturally.)
Just goes to show you can accomplish anything you put your mind to it! (Thanks for that Marty and Doc Brown!)

Thirdly, you’ll get unstuck more easily, your creativity will be fueled every day and you’ll get things done faster as time goes by.

Finally, and most importantly for niche marketers, the more content you produce and publish the more keywords you’ll be targeting (even if they are low-traffic ones).

This is what I like to call the “Low-Hanging Fruit Strategy”.

The more long-tail keywords with very low competition (even with monthly amounts of searches as low as 10, 50 or 70) you target, the more traffic will begin to add up. Hence… the more sales and commissions you’ll get.

You don’t even have to take my word for it.

Seeing is believing so…

Check out these awesome results that prove this strategy does work from long-tail keyword expert (and creator of the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool) Spencer Haws himself by reading his post here.

Who Is This Challenge For?

Lots of people can take up this challenge and make it work for themselves.
These are just a few:

  • Niche Website Owners / Affiliate Marketers. Take action. Be preseverant and consistent. Your niche website needs content so, if you can’t afford to outsource content writing, you really need to start working on that right now! The more you do, the easier it gets and the closer to your goals you’ll be.
  • Writers. If your write books for a living, full time or part time or just as an hobby my writing challenge will help find your working habits and allow you to produce more and write consistently. Remember the great ones! Stephen King writes 10 pages a day without fail. Ernest Hemingway wrote 500 words a day (he probably took my 500-words-a-day challenge before I was even born)!
  • Bloggers. The same goes for bloggers. The more you write, the faster you grow your audience, the more they can except new blog posts from you. You can even define a week day where every one knows you’re going to publish something new. (And they’ll just won’t be able to wait for it!)
  • Freelance writers. Well, my friend, if you’re a freelance writer you really need to produce stuff quick and easy and sooner rather than later. Start by writing your 500 words early in the morning, first thing you do. You’ll feel lighter, prouder and at your best game afterwards. The rest of your day will become much more productive.

Your Thoughts & Comments

What do you think of my challenge here? Are you going to take it up too?
Do you believe it will make you become more productive?

Just leave your thoughts, comments and / or questions below!

Also, if you like this challenge please make sure to share it on your social networks using the sharing buttons you can find on your left.


Your «30 Day Writing Challenge» (Times 6) Friend,