About Me

Hi there, my friend!

I hope you’re doing fine and I thank you so much for coming and visiting my “About Me” page to learn who I am.

Who Are You, Dude?

I’m Louie Luc! (I usually smile much more, ;P)

I’m Louie Luc! (I usually smile much more, ;P)

My name is Luis “Louie Luc” Correia — go ahead, just call me Louie, please — and I’m from that beautiful sunny country in Europe with INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS food called Portugal.

You’re invited to come and visit and you’ll be most welcomed.
We, the Portuguese people, just LOVE to show our own little world to our guests.

On the left you’ll find my picture.
Do I look too serious?

Don’t worry, I usually smile much more. 🙂 (Just trying to look good for the photo…)

What’s Your Background, Louie?

I’ve been in love with the Internet since I first got online in early 1999 (I actually first surfed the web on December 31st, 1998. I can’t believe how time flew by…).

What I Thought Search Engines Were

At the time, there was no Google or Bing.

The most famous search engine was Altavista and I thought search engines could answer any question we asked them… (really silly, huh?!).

That’s what I did.
I searched for “what’s my name?” (in Portuguese, “qual é o meu nome?”) and the first site I visited was from a girl whose name was Ana (obrigado Ana!).

«She is just a student and she has her own website…?» — I thought to myself.

It was not a site owned by a company and developed by team of hundreds of expert computer programmers and web developers.

«Wait a minute… If a student can own a site so can I!» — my world had just changed forever.

This Is How It All Started For Me

In that moment in time, something inside me made me want to have my own website.

Somehow, right from the start, I looked at the Internet as a great opportunity to build an audience around content I produced (written text and much more).

I probably didn’t know it at the time (or maybe I did, it’s just been too long…), but I looked at it as a way to earn money online.

My First Website

Owning a website represented much like owning my own television channel.
Thousands of raving fans would come and visit it and I’d give them their best possible online experience.

It’s no wonder I called my first site… MEGA SITE!

My First Earnings Online

It did not take long to start making money on the Internet either.
(It was easy back then, but those days of ease are long gone.)

By the years 2000 and 2001, I made more than $10,000 promoting online casinos as an affiliate.

My Viral-News Website Experience

I enjoyed building websites so much, having lots of visitors and giving people what they were looking for (and also, I won’t lie, getting some income out of it) that this was the path I decided to follow for the last so many years.

Recently, I’ve been more deeply connected with the viral-news website online business model (monetized with Google AdSense — my best day so far I made €75 from Google’s display ads alone).

But, unfortunately, one of those viral-news websites failed BIG TIME.

My Other Skills

I have a college degree in Marketing — thanks to what I was learning on my sites and online businesses I was able to get better grades.

I also became a web developer.
I learned at home by myself during school, read tons of books and took a few courses (to get my certifications) after finishing college.

I have even developed some of my own websites from scratch (believe it or not, I’m not the biggest WordPress fan, but I see its amazing potential, obviously) and…

Guess what???
I also became cartoonist on the side. 🙂

This is me, Louie Luc... my cartoon version of me

Why Oh Why You Started The Buzz Nitrous Blog, Mister?

I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years now in my native language and decided to start this new blog in English to expand my audience worldwide.

I decided to pick up a topic that I know many people struggle to find good information about and build a blog around it offering people help and expertise (hopefully).

What Can You Promise?

In order for me to write about something I search, research, learn, comprehend, test and confirm everything prior to finally writing about it.

I will not guess or write just to write nor will fool anyone into thinking I know something that I really don’t. I’m a fair and honest dude.

I’ll try to be as transparent as I can.

What About Buzz Nitrous?

You can learn more about the Buzz Nitrous project on its own “About” page, but what I can reveal right way is that I’ll try my best to write the best content I can potentially write to help you to increase web traffic and grow your online business.

Buzz Nitrous is intented to offer you traffic generation tips and online business ideas.
“Nitrous” means the extra boost you’re looking for to create a buzz around your online business.

I’m available, talk to me!

I’m always happy to answer to your comments or questions.

If you have something to say, just drop me a line on the comments section and I’ll be glad to reply. 🙂

Most of the time, I’m also available in my personal hangout at Wealthy Affiliate where you can contact me directly if you need any help.

Always remember:
I am here to help you reach online success.

That’s mainly how I spend my time at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), helping people with their online businesses and websites.

If you would like, feel free to join me there.
Simply create a free membership account at WA here and meet me there where I can offer you my expert tips and help you out.

If you don’t know what Wealthy Affiliate is, read my review about the #1 Affiliate Marketing training program and ask me anything you need using the comments section or via email.


I thank you again for your interest and I welcome you to Buzz Nitrous.
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Your Friend In Time,
Louie Luc
P.S.: Yeah, «Back To The Future» fan here!