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Today is Buzz Nitrous’ launch day!
What better way to kick things off for this brand new website than to have some of the very top experts in internet marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, online businesses and blogging share their best secrets on using paid advertising to promote their websites and products?

To create a super cool and interesting roundup expert post, I asked topnotch pros like Neil Patel, Dave Schneider, Stuart Walker, James McAllister, Drazen Prastalo, Hans Miedema, Harry Bloom, Servando Silva, Philip Kleudgen, Brad Greyeyes-Brant and Neil to share with me and you a simple thing:

Best Tip On Using Paid Ads/Paid Traffic

The insights, experience and secrets revealed in their answers couldn’t be better.

There were several perspectives on using paid advertising (Facebook Ads — Ads Manager & Power Editor, Google Adwords, and other paid traffic sources) but some best practices are common between them:

  • You should always play very close attention to targeting
  • You should drive traffic to a landing page and collect your visitors email addresses
  • You should not stop testing… ever

Do you want to leverage using paid ads and know how do to advertise and promote you website and business?
Learn from the best, read what they have to say below (and vote for the best tip)!

11 Experts Reveal Best Paid Traffic Secrets

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most well-known influencers on the web, his name is listed amongst the top 10 internet marketers. Neil co-founded Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics and has helped big companies such as Amazon, HP, Viacom, NBC and GM to grow their online revenue.

Typically, the best way to leverage paid social ads isn’t to just drive traffic to a sales page or product page or your site. Because once they leave your website the chances are you won’t see that person again.

Instead drive them to a landing page where you get them to either follow you on the social web or you collect their email address in exchange for something (such as an eBook). This way you can continually market to the people you once brought in from advertising.

Drive traffic to a landing page where you collect their email address in exchange for something. Click To Tweet

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Dave Schneider

David Schneider cofounded NinjaOutreach, an all-purpose marketing tool that streamlines the process of connecting with influential. Dave runs SelfMadeBusinessman. He writes about entrepreneurship and teaches how to build a successful online business, and also enjoys traveling.

We’ve been using Google Adwords to promote our blogger outreach software, NinjaOutreach. My best tip is to start with a low budget/bid, especially if you’re new to paid advertising.

Firstly, it’s easy to blow through the money quickly if you’re not paying attention. Additionally, if you set a low bid then you’re effectively capped your downside so you’ll never be charged more than you’re willing to pay.

I started very low for my keywords and raised it ever so slightly by about 10 cents each time until I finally started to see the clicks come in, at a price I was willing to pay.

Start with a low budget/bid, especially if you're new to paid advertising. Click To Tweet

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Stuart Walker

Stuart Walker is the owner and founder of NicheHacks where he reveals profitable untapped niche markets and niche tactics to build successful online businesses. Stuart is a location independent blogger, living his dream and traveling the World thanks to Internet Marketing.

I would have to say test EVERYTHING.
You’d be amazed at what small changes can do to conversion rates.

For me headlines and image changes have resulted in the biggest increases whilst the other stuff is usually much smaller. I’ve seen conversion rates jump from 1% to over 5% just with using a different image on the same advert copy.

Currently, I just use Facebook’s free stock images and having reasonable results with them. You’d be surprised at the images that work.
This one is my current best converting image…

Stuart Walker's Facebook ad example

Don’t ask me why it works but it does.

And don’t be afraid to spend money. You’re not “wasting” it even when you don’t get the results you hoped for. You’re collecting data and if you keep testing eventually you’ll get there. It doesn’t happen overnight.

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James McAllister

James McAllister is the owner of Help Start My Site, a blog aimed to help Internet marketers grow their business through blogging and email marketing. James has been making a full-time living online since 2012 and today helps others do the same.

Send your traffic to a squeeze page and collect their email. You could be receiving thousands of visitors a day, but if you are not doing something to retain those visitors, most of them are going to leave and you’re going to have a very difficult time trying to grow.

Having visitors opt-in to your email list will allow you to send them to your website over and over again for free. Not to mention, you can use your autoresponder to build relationships with your subscribers, allowing them to get to know and trust you more. If your long-term goal is to sell a product, people are far more likely to buy from you if they feel like they know, like, and trust you.

I would also look for leads outside of what’s known as the “tier 1 countries” (USA, Canada, and the UK). While it’s true that subscribers from “tier 1 countries” are probably more valuable, they are also substantially more expensive to acquire. I am getting clicks from English speakers for under a half a cent in countries like India, Egypt, Nepal, Serbia, Nigeria, Algeria, Bangladesh, Philippines, and the Czech Republic. Yes, these countries do not directly make you as much per click, but you can reach so many more people with the same amount of money so it’s a good choice for people with either low advertising budgets, or people who are just starting out.

When you think about it, many countries are growing faster than the “tier 1 countries”, which is resulting in more people having internet access and more people spending money online. In my eyes, it only gets better from here for advertisers targeting these countries, especially since everybody else is ignoring them!

Having visitors opt-in to your email list will allow you to send them to your website for free. Click To Tweet

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Drazen Prastalo

Drazen Prastalo is a Croatia based internet marketer and owner of IncomeMesh. He’s passionate about WordPress and SEO and makes a living off the Internet. Drazen is a big fan of all-in-one blog posts where he puts in everything his readers need to learn on what they are looking for.

I could write a book about Facebook advertising since there is so much to tell, but some things are crucial to know especially if you are just starting. These are the tips I tell everyone who asks me what the best practice when doing advertising on Facebook is.

  • Always use Power Editor: This powerful tool will help you get more control of your ads and save you money (don’t use “Boost this post” feature, it’s a huge money spender)
  • Know your audience: It doesn’t matter if you spend 1 cent per click or $1 per click. If you are targeting the wrong people you will waste your money sooner or later. Make some research and thinking before you define who your audience is and who your ideal customer is.
  • Define visitor value: When you know how much each visit brings you money it is a lot easier to spend money on advertising. Divide your profit with number of visitors to get your visitor value. For example if your profit per 10,000 visitors is $90,000 you now know that your visitor value is $9. Now you can spend even $5 per click/visit since you know you will make $4 in profit out of it.
  • Don’t stop testing: This is probably the best advice I can give you. Always test your ads, have at least 3 variations for each ad and keep adding new variations until you are satisfied with the results.
Always use Power Editor; Know your audience; Define visitor value; Don't stop testing. Click To Tweet

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Hans Miedema

Hans Miedema is a full-time copywriter and internet marketer. His work-life started as an IT consultant, moving up to VP at one of the global banks. The big changes during the financial crisis gave him a boost to become self-employed in 2009, and he never looked back. Working as a copywriter, Hans also has a strong interest in SEO.

Make sure your ad and the landing page are consistent. The style and the text should be consistent, a visitor who clicks the ad and arrives at your landing page, should immediately know that it belongs together. When it’s not consistent, it breaks the flow, the chain of little steps from attention to conversion.

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Harry Bloom

Harry Bloom is a british sales marketing specialist who uses his internet marketing skills to promote his online and offline businesses. He advices people on using good ergonomics at Ergonomic Health and work at an Elephant Sanctuary in Luang Prabang, Laos, Southeast Asia.

When using Facebook you should really consider the end game that you want to achieve and who you really want to target.

I have had some pretty good success; but you have to be very careful. It is very important to drill right down into all of the options that Facebook provides (of which there are many!), to get the best bang for your buck.

For my most recent campaign, I decided to focus on the part where you enter the interests you want to target i.e. your target market and demographic.

I would highly advise to spend a bit of time thinking about this part because this is where your advertising campaign will sink or swim.

It can actually be quite interesting and you should think out of the box on this one. An added benefit that this has, is that it will help you to discover the type of person that you are ultimately trying to market to.

For example, when I began my most recent promotion which was tourist based, I had to target certain types of people such as those travelling soon to Southeast Asia. But this was not the end of the options I chose.

I thought about what kinds of things a Western traveller to Southeast Asia might be interested in, and after some research found out that a very high percentage enjoyed outdoor activities so that went in the interests box as well.

I should say at this point that you should still keep the obvious things in mind and enter them in as well, but you should always think about something that correlates with it.
For example, another interest that I entered was people that love animals, so I thought about what the first thing they would do if they saw a wild animal. Well, if it was me I would bring out my camera and take a photo, so I out in: people who love photography.

It is this combination that really adds up and can get you a great result.
That particular campaign worked out really well for me and I spent only $30 over 20 days, but acquired over 300 page likes (keep in mind that these are highly engaged and since then I have gained over 200 more completely organically).

If possible, you should combine your Facebook adverts with Google Analytics and set up a certain goal that you want to achieve. This could be anything from adding a certain product to your cart, or even just visiting a certain amount of pages; the possibilities are endless!

I found a steady increase in visitors from Facebook and managed to capture a decent amount of bookings and leads as a result got a very good return on $20.
With certain competitive industries, it may be more difficult to advertise so I would really stress the research part before you decide to open your wallet.

Consider the end game that you want to achieve and who you really want to target. Click To Tweet

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Servando Silva

Servando Silva is a young entrepreneur who loves gadgets and music. He has been a full-time Internet Marketer since 2013 and has seen his online success grow every day. At Stream SEO he writes about getting more traffic, improving website rankings, social marketing and website monetization.

My best tip or practice to boost my website traffic is to use a combination of Adwords + FB Ads + Twitter Ads.

If the website has already hundreds or thousands of visitors going on, I will use a retargeting/remarketing pixel to boost the traffic for cheap.

If not, I’ll use insights from social networks from my fan page/Twitter account and create super targeted ads to them to get tons of traffic according to my budget.

If the website is new and it’s got no traffic then my strategy will be different because I have to craft new campaigns without data. In that case I rather send them to a landing page to build a list fast and then send them my articles with an autoresponder.

To boost website traffic use a combination of Adwords + FB Ads + Twitter Ads. Click To Tweet

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Philip Kleudgen

Philip Kleudgen dived into SEO back in 2012. He has mastered WordPress, created small business websites and leveraged driving targeted traffic. Philip loves a going out and having a good meal so much he decided to start a blog dedicated to creating and marketing restaurant websites.

I’m not a big paid advertising expert because I usually go the free social/SEO route for my sites. What can work well though, is to push posts that already have done well.

The trick is to find out on what network your post went viral and then buy ads there. I did this as a promoted post on Facebook and also did some paid advertising on Stumbleupon this way.

Because the post already has proven to get well accepted there it’s usually some great exposure and very cheap CPM/CPC prices.

Most important is to keep an eye on your ad spend. If it gets too expensive stop it or try new targeting or a different ad copy.

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Brad Greyeyes-Brant

Brad Greyeyes-Brant is an email, affiliate, and CPA marketer who is also a certified funnel expert with

With paid traffic, the big game-changer for me was to use tools that allow me complete control over each and every click that comes my way.

When sending paid traffic to a landing/squeeze page, here’s some of the elements that come into play in various combinations:

  • Scarcity: When I say “you’ll only see this once” I mean it. False scarcity sucks. Repeat clicks won’t see the same page and are automatically redirected wherever I choose.
  • Timers: another facet of scarcity. When the timer hits zero, you’ll be redirected somewhere else of my choosing.
  • Geo-targeting: No offence meant to the fine people of Turkmenistan, but the “Tier 1” states like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK simply have more buying power and are more likely to be my customers.
  • Retargeting: Every page is set up with its own retargeting pixel. Since I know the general interest of everyone that opts in, by setting up retargeting pixels at different parts of my funnel, I now have a very targeted “extra” list to boot.
  • Mobile-optimization: Sideways scrolling sucks. exit stuff: Be it exit-intent redirects, exit pops, traditional pops, “ / Hello Bar” style bars, it’s another chance to capture the lead or redirect to wherever you want to go.
  • Traffic analysis: Make sure you get what you paid for. It’s not always malicious when you get sent bots instead of real human eyeballs. Either way, if you show whoever you paid proof that you received bot traffic, you got wiggle room for a refund or extra clicks on the house.

All this is on top of the regular split testing that’s done to increase conversion rates, of course.

With paid traffic use all the tools that allow complete control over every click that comes in. Click To Tweet

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Neil is a young online marketer from Wisconsin with crazy hair who loves the Internet. He found his way to a full time income after several ups and downs in digital marketing and is now living his freedom dream job. You can find Neil at his Passive Marketing blog where others achieve the “impossible”.

When it comes to paid traffic, you can easily burn up your entire budget in hours or even minutes. I have tested a lot of paid traffic opportunities, and I rarely got anything to work. One day, I asked myself what I was doing wrong.

I realized that I was not the best at optimizing my ads, and since I was going up against companies that had a lot more money to spend as well as better optimization, I was dead in the water before I even started. I have had my wins here and there for paid traffic campaigns, but I never really hit anything out of the park.

That was until I started thinking about the VAST majority of people around the world. I came to the pretty simple conclusion that these people do not speak English, but make up a huge part of the world economy. I wondered how many people could possibly be targeting these people? My guess was not as many are targeting English speakers.

I quickly scanned some affiliate networks I was a part of, combed through the offers and found one that seemed to be selling well. I grabbed a free use image off Google, and went to set up my Facebook ads campaign. I only speak one language, so I hit up a friend that spoke the language I was targeting and quickly got a few lines of text to go with my picture.

I thew up about 5 variations of the text and image, and the ads went live. I did not think this would produce any sales and I was looking to gather data. Because of this, I only set my targeting to include people from a specific country, using a mobile device, that spoke a certain language, and the ad would show up in their mobile feed. Simple targeting, simple product, and a massive target audience.

When I checked my stats, I was shocked that I was getting a 9% CTR and just 3 hours of my ad running, my CPC was down to 1 cent per click using Facebook’s optimized CPM option. At 1 cent a click, I was sending 8-12 thousand people a day to the landing page. While conversions were not optimal, I was making anywhere from 100-1300% profit.

So I guess the biggest tip or secret I can provide is to target other countries where a different language is spoken. Your traffic costs will be much cheaper and then all is left is to optimize for max conversions.

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That’s it!
I have gathered all of these amazing tips from our panel of pros to help you have a bigger understanding of what it takes to take your website promotion to the next level.

My Personal Tip

I think I can add (hopefully) value here with my own tip.

When it comes to betting on paid ads / paid traffic there are some points that everyone should keep in mind.

  • Understand your own business: You need to have a clear grasp of what your business is, what it offers, what problem / need it solves and who its audience is. To make it shorter to understand, you must answer this: what is your unique selling proposition/point (USP)?
  • Create a Buyer Persona: Ideally, you should create your buyer/consumer persona. This means to understand who they are, what they like / don’t like, purchasing power, where they hang out, what they do, how they speak, its idiosyncrasies, demographics, lifestyle… I mean everything you need to learn who your prefered customer is.
  • Customer value: It is also of great importance to find out your customer value. How much does it cost to acquire a new customer/potential customer?
  • Choose the right channel: When choosing where to buy/place your ad, you need to select your best channel. What good would it do to your business if you were to advertise on Facebook and your potential customers prefered to hang out on Twitter?
  • Precise targeting: With some of the above points under your belt, you need to target your potential audience the best way that you can. The more precise your targeting, the best results you’ll get. And… don’t worry if your reach (audience) seems shorter the more you dig down in your targeting. Views and large audiences don’t always mean success.
  • Right message: Your copy, image and text should hit the nail right on the spot. It ought to mean something to your audience. Grab their attention, entice their interest, state your benefits, ask for their action.

To sum it up. You need to leverage three main things: market (potential customers), message (your ad’s copy, text and image), match (between your market, your product and your message).

You need to leverage three main things: market, message, match to create a successful ad campaign. Click To Tweet

When you think about it, it all comes to research, more research and a lot of common sense to create a successful campaign (and also when it comes to spendings).

Don’t you go away thinking that a website/blog that offers free information and stuff isn’t a business/product or brand, because it surely is. 🙂 You must see it that way to promote it the right way.

Thank You Guys!

I want to thank publicly to everyone who participated in this expert roundup post. All of these guys are extra busy (besides being extra successful) but even so they were unbelievably kind and available to reply to my proposal and ready to share with me — and with you, dear reader — their best tips and secrets when it comes to buying website traffic through paid advertising.

Be sure to check and follow their work and expertise in their blogs and websites (if its links are available in this post). I already do and I deeply recommend it.

I couldn’t have created this amazing post without their awesome help so, once again… THANK YOU GUYS!


As you can see, all of these pros refer that when using paid ads you should be very careful with your targeting and spendings amount. (I wrote an article about Facebook Advertising Cost, it might be of help for this matter).

You should also take advantage of your traffic boost to keep those new visitors close-by, i.e.: collect their email addresses with a signup form so you can have free traffic on an ongoing basis.

And, finally, your ads and your landing pages should be consistent amongst each other or else the visitor will find it weird and go away.

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I would also like to read about your experience on using paid ads to increase website traffic.
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Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. 🙂

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