Campaign Reports

In the online world, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to advertisement.
I am not only going to tell you how and what to do to when it comes to running successful ad campaigns online, I’m also going to show you my own results on this “Campaign Reports” page.

I suggest that you come here often to see if there are any new reports available.

Facebook Ads

  • Get More Likes On FacebookBuy Facebook Likes
    One of the things you can choose to “buy” on Facebook is fan page “Likes”. At least, that’s what Mark Zuckerberg’s company says.

    I’ve been around for some good time now and I also gave it a try to the “Promote page” option with Facebook Ads. Is it worth it?

    According to this report: NO! It’s a waste of your time and money. Only if you’re a top Facebook advertising expert you can get valid “Likes” and real followers to your Facebook business page.

    Read the “Buy Facebook Likes” campaign report to learn what happened to me and other people when they used Facebook Ads to increase their Facebook fan page’s followers.