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This is our affiliate and earnings disclaimer page.


Some of the links presented here on BuzzNitrous are affiliate links.
This means that I get a commission — at NO extra cost to you (e.g: if something costs you $5, it will cost you the same with or without an affiliate link, my commission it’s just my reward for helping to promote it) — from the possible sales that someone clicking on one of those links may generate.

Affiliate Links

The important thing to note here is that I only place affiliate links to products or services that I have used, experimented and concluded that are legit and that may be of use to you.


I wouldn’t risk my reputation nor would I do it for any other reason using affiliate links to something I don’t trust just to earn a few dollars. That’s just not me. There are plenty of quality products one can promote to be tempted to take that dark approach.

In the end, it’s up to you

In no way could I or BuzzNitrous.com be held responsible for something going wrong with you using those services or products. I just recommend what I used and I think works for me. It’s your choice whether to use them or not. And by using them it does not mean that you will get the same results I did.

I suggest you read our privacy policy and terms of use, so that you’re aware of what governs Buzz Nitrous’ relationship with you relating to this website.