Making Money On The Internet VS Earning Money Online

By | Last updated June 26, 2015

I’m sure you have dreamt of making money on the Internet.

Lots of money, so much that you can finally quit your dreadful 9-5 job and live the life of your dreams.

Be your own boss, decide your own tasks, plan your schedule and travel, spend more time with your family, friends and pets…

Get the freedom, joy and fun you truly deserve.

Hopefully this post can get you on the right direction.
These words represent a very important reflection everyone must do before anything else.

This is the very foundation of any successful online business and I’m sure that when you finish reading this you are going to know why.

Read it, think about it, reflect a bit and take action on it.
Believe me when I say this is going to be the first step towards making your most awaited dreams come true.

I’ll be explaining you the enormous but subtle difference between «making money on the Internet» and «earning money online». This thin layer is what separates failure from success in online businesses. If you understand it, you’ll be closer to achieving your goals.

Making Money On The Internet VS Earning Money Online

It may not seem at first sight, but there is a huge though subtle difference between the expressions «making money on the Internet» and «earning money online».

If you look closer at these expressions and grasp what they literally mean, you are going to find an important question that all of us who wish to create and own a lucrative website should ask:

What’s more valuable, building a business to make money or earn money because you own a good business?

It’s All About Your Goals

If an internetpreneur’s only goal is to learn the flawless technique of getting rich online, his potential failure chances will be huge.

On the other hand, if your objective is to build a business that does all it’s possible to keep its customers happy, you’ll have a clear path to reach success.

Here’s the difference:

It’s all about what kind of goals you set.

Setting “get rich quick” as your primary focus is a whole distant world from focusing, first and foremost, in “having a great business”.

Every time you get obsessed about crossing the finish line as fast as you can, you lose clairvoyance and forget about all the little steps you must take to get there. When you do it, you’re set to trip and fall down.

Visitors And Customers: It’s All That Matters

Your websites ought to see visitors and/or customers as the fundamental element behind everything you write, produce or sell. If you see it, it’s quite obvious: no visitors will get you no business.

Building a website, a blog, or a business on the Internet where the unique purpose is making money will set you apart from the critical aspect in every business: keep our customers happy.

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This is the right way to do it:

Build a website, a blog or an online business that is interesting, with well organized, thought and planned content, aiming for quality and caring about user experience and accessibility. Something that directly answers the question or concern that took your visitor to come to your site in the first place.

If all of this is placed at the top of your list of priorities, your visitors or potential customers will get it conscious or unconsciously and will feel more inclined to stay longer on your site, to make a purchase and to even share it with their friends.

So… What’s Really The Difference

If you look really well to the terms «earn» and «make», you’ll totally comprehend what I mean.

«Earn» means “win”, “gain” and «make» means “do”, “fabricate”.

It’s where it all begins:

«Earn» relates to achieving something as a reward for your effort and investment, like a prize.

«Make» sounds like assembling, fabricate, mount, joining parts. It’s something more mechanical, as an assembly line, destituted of emotion, creativity or feeling.

When you create a website or business you must have an enormous passion or an huge interest by the theme it is about or by the market in which it fits. (You must love what you’re doing.) You should build it thinking and putting yourself in the shoes of anyone who comes and visits your website’s pages for the very first time.

Is he/she going to understand what the site is about?
Is he/she going to find what it is he/she is looking for?
Is he/she going to know his/her way around the website, the way it is organized and the way it works?


Will he/she feel lost?
Will he/she not like the website and leave to never ever return again?

If your only concern is making money it is quite possible that you’ll end flooding your pages with “buy now” buttons or something similar that will eventually scare your customers away.

It’s more likely that you’ll build a confusing website, wrongly thought, uninteresting and demotivating to make people stay, follow or even purchase something from you.

Forget The End. Remember The Means

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Your path has to focus on the steps you must take to build an awesome website or online business. Earning money should be the finish line ahead, at the end of that marathon. A prize, the final objective; never your only goal.

Your first and foremost goal ought to be to give your best, have fun, do something that makes you happy, help others, contribute to make the Web a better place, with quality information accessible to all.

You should be yourself and, being it so, you’ll end up finding an audience that will rather read, watch or listen to you instead of someone else who talks about the same subject. (Those guys/gals will also have tribes of their own if they are themselves.)

That should be your motivation and, with that in mind, you’ll achieve greatness.

If you only think about “making money now” or about “ways to make money fast”, you’ll be already wanting to cross the finish line and you haven’t even started to run yet! Taking too big of a step has its risks and anyone who does it rarely achieves success.

If you’re only aiming to make money, whether if you want to make an extra income with your blogs, or living off online businesses, you’ll start to feel pressured just like you feel when you work with deadlines for a boss or a company.

The Buying Facebook Likes Example

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Buying “Likes” on Facebook is a great example.

A “Like” works much the same as a seal of approval from someone on a post or Facebook fan page (when you become a follower).

The very idea of buying that approval breaks logic itself.

How can you buy something a person likes or dislikes?
That can only represent something fake or artificial.

In businesses, websites or even with your Facebook following things have to occur naturally. To force or to speed it up is risking (or, in fact, completely wrecking) all of your effort and pushing away customers, visitors and followers who really love you.

It’s the same as running a long marathon towards the final stretch and asking someone to give you a strong push to run faster. It may seem precious and worth it at first but it’ll cost you dearly. Soon, you’ll see that you’ve just spent too much energy on one take and you will be dead for the remaining of the run.

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Never put «making money online» as your one and only goal. It’s the wrong move. You’ll end up with something that looks artificial, fake and fabricated. People will get that. They won’t trust you, your websites or businesses.

It’s trust itself that takes someone to believing in you and in your products.
It’s trust itself that takes time to be built and cannot be forced or bought.

To build an awesome website or business, to become a reference or an authority in an industry or a niche and to gain people’s trust should be your very first objective.

The «earn money» part will arrive as consequence of all those little and fundamental steps.

It will be your well-deserved reward for all your effort and it will come naturally, with no rush or push.

Your Thoughts

What do you prefer now?
Making money on the Internet or… earn money online???
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