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By | Last updated July 28, 2015

If you’re like me you’re just fed up after reading millions of success stories of people earning truckloads of money with their niche websites.

The worst part is that they only TELL you how much money they are making online… but they forget to SHOW how they do it.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually see how it is done?
I mean… every little step and secret they follow and know?

How to build a niche site?
How to build a niche site?

That way you could follow those strategies and techniques and maybe even try and create your own niche site to see how it goes.

Well, my friend… that is precisely what I’m about to reveal to you.

I’m starting this super interesting Niche Site Project case study publicly to SHOW you — not only tell you — how they do it and, more importantly, how you can do it too.

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Welcome to my Niche Site Project Case Study.

Public Niche Site Project Case Study Updates

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Niche Website Project Auxiliary Resources

To help you further understand some of the concepts, strategies and methodologies used during my Niche Site Project I’m also creating some auxiliary content and resources.

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What Is the Niche Site Project Case Study

My Niche Site Project case study is a series of blog posts where I publicly document each and every step along the way to building two profitable niche websites.

I’ll be following the steps I learned from other similar projects and/or trainings.

Specifically, Spencer Haws’ Niche Site Project 2 (for the 1st niche site) and the Wealthy Affiliate University training (for the 2nd niche site).

Of course, I’ll be doing it one at a time.
Focus is everything!

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It’s a free over-the-shoulder tutorial that reveals everything about creating a niche site and making money from it.

I’ll even share my mistakes with you too!

It’s the first time I’m creating a niche site like this (my expertise is in another type of online business model) so that puts me on the same level as you, which is even better!!

What You’ll Learn From It

On my Niche Site Project, I’ll show you:

The Idea For The Niche Site Project

I had the idea of creating my very own public Niche Site Project after reading other famous bloggers’ versions of niche site projects.

I’m talking about the epic Niche Site Duel by Pat Flynn from (he’s just my all-time favorite blogger), the Niche Site Project by Spencer Haws of, Neil Patel’s «How to Make $100,000 a Month Within 1 Year», and the Niche Site Project by Tung Tran from

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Things are different now since they did their niche website projects (except for Neil Patel’s which was started recently).

Google has changed its algorithm several times so some of their strategies and tactics no longer work or, at least, don’t work as well or as easily as they used to.

Think of this as the 2015 Niche Site Project version.

Why Am I doing this?

I know what it is like from reading other people’s blogs.
You want to see everything.

I’ll try to reveal as much as I can (more on this later) so you can understand how it is done and do it yourself.

I hope that this project can help others do the same and, hopefully, get some people to earn a side income to help pay their bills or to have some extra spare money.

If this series of blog posts could get someone to earn a full-time income that would be my biggest reward.

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I’d also like to implement some of techniques I’ve already spoken of on this blog, so you can actually see them in action.


As for me, it will be an opportunity to improve overall knowledge, increase my productivity and project management skills and…

… Yeah, (I’m not going to lie to you) earn money as I go along too.

Goals for my Niche Site Project Case Study

My goals for my brand new niche site are:

  • Help you understand (and master) how to build a niche site
  • Getting an income of $200/month or more
  • Achieve success within a 6 months period (it will take about 3 months to get the site ranked)
  • Learn all the steps of the process
  • Improve basic knowledge (to repeat in the future)
  • Leverage the affiliate online business model

Rules of the Game

I’m going to set some rules right from the start so that no one feels frustrated or fooled by me. This way, you’ll know what you can expect.

Also, this set of rules will make the challenge more fair to you and to others.

I have 6 months to achieve my income goal ($200 per month).

I’ll dedicate at least two hours per day of my time on this project.

(You can do it — probably — in a fewer amount of time. I’m just too picky at times, minding all the little details.)

Domain Name
This is one of the most important rules.

I am NOT going to reveal my niche site domain name for several reasons:

  • I think revealing it will affect this case study negatively. A lot of the Buzz Nitrous readers will visit my niche site and link to it. This would alter how things happen naturally. I’ve seen other bloggers do this and I don’t think it is that fair to the game.
  • It’s better for you that you really understand how all this process works and not just copy everything I do.

    As the saying goes «(…) show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime».

  • For security reasons. Spencer Haws had his first niche site project “killed” by a ill-intentioned person after knowing which was his niche site domain name.

Don’t worry, you’ll still learn tons of useful and actionable stuff.

Knowing what the domain name is just a detail because of all the amount of information I’ll reveal.

Plus, I’ll show you all the traffic and income stats too.

For the same reasons stated above concerning the domain name, I still haven’t decided if I’ll tell you what the niche is.

At bare minimum, I’ll give you an almost similar example of the niche I’ll tackle to illustrate my process.

Please understand the Domain Name & Niche revelation rules:

There’s that danger of you wanting to see now and ending up just copying (hey, I’ve done it too!) instead of UNDERSTANDING the process.

If you get it, you’ll be able to replicate it in the future much more easily.

That’s what learning is:

I’ll try to spend the least amount of money during this challenge so that anyone can follow along.

Like I told you before, for this case study I’ll be using Long Tail Pro (which I recommend — yes, it’s an affiliate link) for my first niche website.

I’ll use it so I can follow Spencer Haws’s strategies more closely – but I’ll point you to some free alternatives.

For the second niche site I’ll follow the Wealthy Affiliate training (again, you don’t need to purchase anything –- in this case, I’ll even offer you a free account at WA, if you want).


So this is my Niche Site Project overview. 🙂

I really want to create a valuable and actionable resource here for you to follow.

I’m a tiny bit scared wondering how it is going to go, but I’m excited about it at the same time. 😛

If you’d ask me what would make me really happy in the end… I would answer:

“That people get the most of it and create something they can earn money with to make their lives a little better”.

That would be INCREDIBLE!

This is also my opportunity to take action on some of the things I read from the best Internet Marketing bloggers.

I’m counting on you to hold me accountable! 🙂

I hope you follow along and learn a lot from this.
Let’s go guys and girls!

Back To You

What are your thoughts about my Niche Site Project case study?
Are you as excited as I am? What do you think?

Please leave your comments below and be part of this challenge and of the Buzz Nitrous community!

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