Paid Traffic

Why am I talking about paid traffic when there’s the free organic one?
There are several reasons.

Free Traffic Is About To End And Here’s Why

As you know, your business depends on traffic being sent to your website.
The best kind of traffic is the (free) organic one. It is “just” (as it was an easy task…) a matter of reaching to the top positions of the search engine results pages (SERPs) and waiting for the visitors to come marching in.

But that usually takes you time, a lot of effort and some good search engine optimization skills (SEO) that most of us don’t have or can’t afford paying an expert to do it.

Even if achieve those high rankings that might not suffice.
Have you looked at Google search result pages lately?
The most highly searched keywords result pages are now completely filled with AdWords ads. Before they were only shown on the sidebar, but now… they occupy the space where suggested sites used to be. To make things worse, if those keywords have places related to them, Google now shows you Google Maps locations, pushing your site even down the list of results.

That means that, even if you reached #1 on Google, your potential visitors might miss your site which results in less traffic and thus less money in your pocket. In some ocasions, that could even be the end of your income source.

Free Social Traffic…? It is Also Decreasing

If you own a Facebook page, you probably are already aware that your reach has decreased considerably lately. Whenever you publish a post on Facebook or share a link to your site, less followers see it and click on it. Meaning less traffic to your site.

All of this means that this free traffic is slowly ending as SEO, sharing stuff on social media and other strategies don’t work as well anymore. They aren’t that much reliable and sustainable.

You need to learn and new tactic to get good quality traffic that converts.
You need to find a valid alternative.

Paid Traffic Is The Solution