Best Online Marketing Tools & Resources

Every good Internet Marketing website demands a great Resources page.

That’s I have created this one here on Buzz Nitrous.
Here you will find the best online marketing tools and resources.

I want that the information here can help you in one way or another in your online business needs (be it affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing or any other online business model).

Resources & Tools I Use And Recommend

The resources and tools listed on this page are the ones that I most often use and that I recommend. If they worked for me I think they can work for you too. It is just a matter of giving them a try, you might be surprised.

As I keep growing and learning more and more in this business, I’ll keep adding new resources and tools to this list. Be sure to visit and bookmark this page. I’ll also reference it on my posts every now and then.

Important Disclosure: Dear reader, please acknowledge that some of the links presented here are affiliate links. This means I earn a commission — at no additional cost to you — IF you decide to make a purchase. Please comprehend that I have used and I experimented all of the products, services and tools shown here. I don’t recommend any of them based on the small amount I earn if you decide to buy them. I only recommend what I think can truly be useful and helful to you. Please DO NOT spend money to buy anything listed here just because of my recommendations. Always think twice (or do it like me: think tons of times) beforehand. Only go for it when you are absolutely sure that the products, services and tools here can help you achieve your objectives.

Top Recommendations

This is what I would take to a deserted island.
If I went to a deserted island (I only need a computer and Internet connection really :P) and all I could take were a few things these would be my top 3 priority ones.

Online Business Training

  • Wealthy Affiliate University Wealthy Affiliate
    When it comes learning new stuff I’m always a big supporter. I’ve been around for some good time now, but online businesses are always changing so I thought I should better educate myself.

    I think I have hit the jackpot here, as the Wealthy Affiliate University is an undisputed winner when it comes to learning everything you need to start an online business and making money on the Internet. The best part? You can try it for FREE before you decide to purchase this quality online training (no time limit on your trial and no credit card needed to sign up).

    Read my incredibly detailed, in-depth Wealthy Affiliate University review.

Keyword Research Tool

  • Long Tail Pro Long Tail Pro
    If you want to stay ahead of the game concerning the online marketing and online business worlds, Long Tail Pro is an essencial tool for your toolkit. It’s simply amazing how easy it is to use and how fast it delivers surprising results that even Google Keyword Planner hides from us.

    It was developed by Spencer Haws, a well-known and successful blogger and entrepreneur.

    The man has created hundreds of profitable niche sites all over his years as an internetrepreneur.
    I guess he must know a thing or two about keyword research. 🙂

    OK. You might not get how it works all of a sudden, but in no time you definitely will. I know I did.
    PLUS, Long Tail Pro is the keyword research tool I’m using for one of my niche sites on my Niche Site Project — something like Pat Flynn did a while back –, so you’ll have an in-depth look at how to best use Long Tail Pro.

    Read my thorough Long Tail Pro Review (includes a tutorial and a discount offer).

Mailing List & Autoresponder Service

  • MailChimp Autoresponder Service MailChimp
    Everyone knows that the single most important step a Internet marketer must take is to start his/her email list as soon as he/she launches a new website.

    I’ve read too many bloggers saying their biggest mistake was taking too long to do it. And so… I decided to jump right in. MailChimp is one of the best autoresponder services there are and it provides you with all the tools required to start, manage and succeed in your email marketing campaigns. I was surprised with what I found inside the MailChimp box of features and this is the tool I’m using today to send my subscribers my best paid website promotion and traffic building tips. This little hard working money sure knows what he’s doing.

    If you join through this link you’ll be offered a $30 USD credit to spend on MailChimp services.

Other Exciting Internet Marketing Tools You Should Take A Look

Following my top 3 resources, there are some other ones I have tried/am trying that I’m also enjoying very much.

Video Marketing / Video Creation Software

  • Content Samurai review Content Samurai
    Video is already playing a big role in online marketing. This is just the beginning though, as video marketing is rapidly growing and promises to change the world of SEO as we know it forever.

    Marketers everywhere are producing video as a means to drive more free targeted website traffic to their sites and products. Their newest traffic building strategy is getting them mind-blowing results.

    You might be thinking that you’d need to spend a lot of money on a professional videographer or on a big production. Actually… you don’t! You don’t even have to spend money and time on complex and cumbersome video editing software tools.

    Content Samurai makes video creation accessible, affordable, easy and fast.
    There’s no software download and install and, with just a few mouse clicks and about 15 minutes, you can have your video ready to start getting rankings in both Google and YouTube.

    You know it… with rankings there comes traffic, customers, commissions and sales!

    Content Samurai is an easy-to-use video creator tool that makes video marketing for small businesses easy.
    If you want to learn more about Content Samurai, read my review here.

    For a limited-time, there’s a special 50% discount offer on Content Samurai‘s monthly fees that will go on for as long as you keep your subscription to this exciting and valuable tool.

Keyword Finder Tools

  • Market Samurai Keyword Analysis Tool Market Samurai
    Keywords are basically… everything when it comes to SEO and, of course, PPC (Pay per click) advertising.

    I use Market Samurai on a day-to-day basis, whether I’m looking to find new niche website opportunities or looking for the best keywords to target with it comes to writing my posts and then promoting them with paid ads. It all comes together nicely when you have the power of a good keyword analysis tool like Market Samurai. It shows you how much searches, traffic, CPC value and competition your chosen keyword has, so you can always make the best possible decision.

  • Jaaxy Keyword Tool Jaaxy Keyword Tool
    When it comes to SEO, keywords are basically… EVERYTHING. They are the very foundations of what is called Search Engine Optimization. If we could compare the internet marketing age to the crazy gold rush period, keyword tools would be like revolutionary gold scanner detectors. With them we’re able to find golden nuggets (keywords) more easily without having to take a wild guess.

    Here is where Jaaxy Keyword Tool comes in. This online keyword tool is lightning fast, super easy to use and delivers accurate keyword data that will get you in front of your competitors right away.

    Best of all? You can try Jaaxy for free here or read my thorough review on Jaaxy — this outstanding keyword finder tool — for more information.

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