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By | Last updated October 12, 2015

As you know, I’m building a niche website publicly in my very own version of the Niche Site Project (like others have done before).

But… what is a niche website? — you might find yourself asking.

Many times we hear (read) about certain terms we don’t have a clear understanding of what they actually mean…

… so I thought it would be helpful to offer you a clear and concise resource aimed at answering that pertinent question.

In this post, I’m going to explain you what niche websites are and I’ll tell you all about niche marketing too.

From how to build a successful niche site to the reasons why you should and should not build one to giving you some niche website ideas and examples, you’re going to take a lot from this article.

So… keep reading!
I’m sure you’re just going to love it!

What You’ll Learn From This Post:

Exploring Niche Markets On The Internet

When you’re just starting out your online business, you often get the recommendation that the best path to go is to build a niche site.

(I recommend you to do it too, for several reasons — more on this later.)

If you’re already struggling to get into the online marketing world trying to make money on the Internet you’re just going to feel even more overwhelmed with all this new terms and concepts.

It’s like learning a whole new language.

You don’t know how to speak it and it’ll only get harder for you to go further and progress towards success.

I remember that a while ago — not so fair away — I was also having a hard time trying to answer this question that kept bouncing in my mind:

What is a niche website, really?

I mean…

If you go and search for the term on Wikipedia or on a dictionary, you’ll find out that a niche is a smaller subset of a larger market.


How does that translate into websites, internet marketing and online businesses?

Ok, enough with the mumbo jumbo…
Let’s find out all about what niche sites are!

What Is a Niche Website?

A niche website is a site that focuses on a narrow group of people in a larger market with a common specific interest.

While targeting a very specific term that people use on search engines, a niche site offers its visitors helpful and quality content that answers a question or solves a problem.

Let me translate my very own definition of “niche site” for you!

1. A narrow group of people in a larger market with a common specific interest is what we call a niche.
I.e., “niche” is a subset of a larger market.

What is a niche site definition

What is a niche site definition — cartoon by redhotmustang

For example… take the “fishing” market (zone 1 of the image).

A subset of that market (niche) would be “river fishing” (zone 2 of the image).

If you wanted to dive deeper (hey, not in the river!), you would have the “river fishing for trout” niche (zone 3 of the image).

Wanna go even deeper?
Let’s niche down a bit more… and we’ll have the “river fishing for trout books” niche (zone 4 of the image).

2. This very specific term is often referred to as keyword, keyword term or keyphrase in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world.

3. The goal of a niche site is to present its visitors with helpful and quality content that addresses what it is they are looking thus answering a question or solving a problem a visitor might have.

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Back to our previous example…

Say you’d build a niche site targeting the “river fishing for trout books” keyphrase, you would have to create quality content talking, reviewing and / or promoting those kind of books (or even your own books about the subject) to help your visitors / customers and keep them happy.

Why Is It Important To Have A Very Specific Focus?

If you’re looking to earn a passive income from your website, it is very important that you understand what all of this truly represents.

The keyword term you choose for you niche site really needs to be very focused (specific).

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Broader Means Too much Competition

Going after larger, broader markets is not going to work for you.

Unless you own SEO superpowers (meaning you’re the Einstein of search engine optimization and hyper productive…) or you have a dedicated SEO team and an endless budget…

Buzz Nitrous' Einstein of SEO Award

If you prove me wrong, you’ll receive the Buzz Nitrous’ Einstein of SEO Award — image by redhotmustang

Broader niches are simply too competitive.

Let’s go back to our niche example again.

A broader niche like “river fishing” has a lot of searches but a lot of competition.

(Please note, the “river fishing” niche and related sub niches I’ll be using throughout this post are mere examples. I have not tested them on a keyword tool such as Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai. So I can’t really confirm how many searches and how much competition they really have. Again, these are MERE EXAMPLES.)

A more specific niche like “river fishing for trout” has less searches but less competition.

An even more specific niche like “river fishing for trout books” has even less people searching for it but much less competition at the same time.

And it is not only that!

Being Specific Is Your Best Bet

I’m glad that we are forced (sort of) to be more specific due to the HUGE competition for broader niches.

The fact is that more focused topics will earn you more money.


People looking for broader terms are usually searching for information, their interest is not at its highest peak.

Whereas those searching for more specific terms are already more certain of what they want and need.

Be At The End Of The Purchase Funnel

If you build a site around a more focused topic and deliver that information to your visitors (helpful content that solves a problem or answers a question) you’ll be much closer to make a sale or to earn a commission.

The more advanced potentital costumers are in their purchase funnel the greater the chances you’ll have to succeed.

Purchase Funnel Diagram

Purchase Funnel Diagram

So be as specific as you possibly can.

Put yourself (and your niche site) at end of the purchase funnel to have higher rates of conversion.

Get to the end of the rainbow and collect the pot of gold

Get to the end of the rainbow and collect the pot of gold. 🙂

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“River Fishing” Niche Example… Again!

Oh boy… do I like this example or what?!

(So you can understand all I mean with a pratical example…)

Say you had decided to focus your niche site on a broader niche like… “river fishing”.

It’d be a bad decision:

  • Due to the enormous amount of competition you would have very few visitors
  • The few visitors you’d have would just be looking for general information about “river fishing”. They’d only be curious about it, and probably located at the start of the purchase funnel
  • And, because your niche website was not that specific it would be far away from the end of the purchase funnel thus it would make you (virtually) no sales.


If you niched down and build a very specific niche website focusing on one particular topic like… “river fishing for trout books”.

It’d be a great decision:

  • Due to the low competition and very specific subject you would have a considerable amount of visitors
  • Those visitors would probably be located at the end of the purchase funnel, ready to buy a book about “river fishing for trout”.
  • And, because your niche site was just what they were looking for your chances of making a sell or earn a commision from promoting affiliate products (like books from Amazon) would be much higher.

Niche Site Examples

Here are some niche site examples just to help you better understand “what is a niche website”.

Examples of broad or non-niche sites:

  • A blog about all kinds of sports
  • A blog about world politics
  • An online news site
  • An online store like Amazon or eBay

Examples of niche sites

  • A blog about “swimmers competing for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games”
  • A blog about politics in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. (My name is Louie but I’m not from Louisville, but I should!)
  • A site focused on water-proof digital cameras
  • A site focused on kitchen ovens

How To Niche Down

Let’s take our niche site examples a little further and learn how to niche down (be more specific).

Instead of a more broader site about “sports”, a niche would be “swimming” and a more specific niche would be “swimmers competing for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games”.

Instead of a less focused site about “world politics”, a niche would be “Kentucky politics” and a more specific niche would be “politics in Louisville, Kentucky, USA”.

Instead of a less specific site about “tech and gadgets”, a niche would be “cameras” and a more specific niche would be “waterproof digital cameras”.

Do you get my point? 🙂

Niche Website Ideas

I am now going to give you a few niche website ideas based on some successful examples I found from expert bloggers and Internet marketers.

Following what they do is always a good move.
They have their experience and results to back them up.

  • Training Niche Websites

    When he accepted the Niche Site Duel, Pat Flynn built a niche website about “security guard training”.

    Instead of writing just a few posts, Flynn took his approach to niche marketing much further.

    Since he found out that each US state had different requirements, Pat wrote one post per state explaining what those were for people interested applying for security guard registration.

    The well-known online entrepreneur was also smart with his monetization strategy.

    He contacted security guard training centers across the United States and proposed them to sponsor his site or to register there (paying a monthly fee) to be listed as a school on the site.

    Besides that, he used “Indeed” to feature security guard jobs and earn additional income and also put some AdSense ads on his site.

    Pat Flynn grew his niche to #1 in Google in a matter of a few months and it later became an authority site.

    This was not his first attempt on building niche sites about training, though.

    Pat had his first online success with his “Green Exam Academy” blog that helped fellow architects like himself pass the LEED exam.

    After all, this was how he very much started his very successful online business career.

    Here’s a good niche website idea for you:

    If you know / own a particular skill (like programming, drawing, playing an instrument, singing, video editing, etc) and are comfortable teaching others, build a training niche site about that topic.

  • Product Range Niche Websites

    Spencer Haws also created a niche website publicly — as I’m doing in my Niche Site Project — and he focused it on a product range: survival knives.

    Instead of targeting just one brand or model of knives, Spencer took it product range approach and covered the best survival knives on the market.

    Months later, his niche website student Perrin followed the same approach and reached success beyond expectation in less that 6 months.

    Another niche website idea for you:

    Build a niche site targeting a product range. It could be winter bed blankets, outdoor ovens, swimming pool chairs, men’s electric shavers and so on.

  • Nutrition / Fitness / Health Niche Websites

    Neil Patel is also building a niche site publicly and he chose (his audience told him, actually) to create a niche site about nutrition.

    Although it is a hyper competitive niche, Patel is going to try to make $100,000 per month within 12 months.

    Yet another niche website idea for you:

    Build a niche website targeting health related issues like being fit, eating properly, doing exercise regularly, playing a sport, relaxing and sleeping, etc.

  • If you’re looking for additional niche website ideas, take a look at NicheHacks.com.

    That blog talks about the different niches you can explore and it gives you detailed reports and stats about each one of them and how to best tackle them.

Finally, let me warn you again:

Whatever niche website idea you follow, do your homework first.

Don’t forget about competition, profitability and check to see if you’re actually allowed to give advice on issues like health and nutrition!

Niche Site Types & Sizes

Niche websites also come in different types and sizes (and flavors 😛 ).

Here they are listed so you can learn the differences between them:

Micro niche website: A very small niche site with 1-5 pages in size generally targeting an extremely precise subject like a specific product model. (E.g: “Olympus OM-D E-M1 waterproof digital camera”).

Niche site: A small to medium sized site with 20 to about 100/200 pages. It targets a specific subject or topic, has between 100 and 5,000/10,000 visitors per month on average (depending on the chosen niche, on the demand and on the number of ranked pages).

Authority site: Much larger than a niche site, this is a big site with more than 200 pages of great quality content. An authority site is usually extremely well ranked on Google (and other search engines) and gets thousands of monthly visitors.

It’s the go-to website on the subject it targets and a great resource for its readers and / or customers.

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Why You Should / Shouldn’t Build A Niche Site

There are several reasons why you should consider to build a niche website and some other reasons why you shouldn’t think about it.

Let’s quickly take a look at a few of each kind.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Building A Niche Website

  1. It’s not expensive and it’s easy to start: The niche site business Is probably the cheapest online business model there is. To get started, all you really need to pay is for your hosting and domain name. (AND you may happen to find opportunities like this and get expert training on the subject + free WordPress hosting).

    It’s also easy to start and set things up. It takes a considerable amount of work –- nothing falls from the sky, really. If you’re reading this and are able to write and send an email you can definitely do it.

  2. It provides faster results: As far as traffic generation and income is concerned, niche blogging usually delivers quicker results. You’re never going to make money online in the blink of an eye. But you’ll get faster results with a niche website than if you’d create a less specific blog and build an audience around it which usually takes a lot of years to accomplish.
  3. It’s a great passive income opportunity: It is not so easy as it used to be years back, but you still can create a niche website that runs and earns you money almost automatically. If you do it right and take it up to that point, that is. It does take a lot of time and a ton of work, but the rewards can be very exciting. It can become an amazing form of passive income when it’s running pratically on autopilot.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Consider Building A Niche Website

  1. It’s not a turnkey system to make money online: Are there any get-rich-quick schemes? If you found one, it most probably is a scam. Building a niche site takes a lot of time, effort and work.

    You’ll have to wait (and work even more) –- besides setting everything up to start with — until results start showing up. Things just don’t happen overnight, especially now that Google’s algorithm updates made it difficult to rank fast, not counting the time it will take Google to find your site in the first place.

  2. It can have a limited income potential: A niche site focuses on a subset of a larger market, meaning a relatively small group of people. You can find yourself reaching your limit as far as daily income is concerned.

    Unless you expand and turn your site into an authority site exploring closely related topics, it might happen that you hit your income brick wall. Nevertheless, this also means that you can set things up almost on autopilot and have more time to start a brand new website targeting a different niche to create additional revenue for your pocket.

How To Pick A Good Niche

I’ll be further developing the “how to pick a niche” topic on a later post soon, but I can already tell you a couple of things.

I think there are two main ways to go when picking out a good niche:

  1. Passion: Picking a topic you’re passionate about can have a huge impact on the quality and quantity of the content you’ll be publishing and on the effort and dedication you put into your niche site.

    Talking about something you’re interested about is easier, more pleasureful and you won’t feel like you’re actually working.

    Whenever you need to research for information, it’ll also be more interesting for you to read all you need.
    After all, it is something you like.

    That passion will be felt by your readers and they’ll trust you better because you truly know (and love) whatever it is you’re talking about.

    Plus, when / if things go sour you’ll at least have something that you’re proud of and it will make you keep going until the day that success finally knocks at your door.

    I would say that the passion path should be taken if you’re just building your first niche website.

    This is even truer due to all of the additional things and skills you need to learn and master when you’re entering the online marketing world for the first time.

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  2. Opportunity: If you’re done talking about your passions or you’re aiming at building a niche site empire (several niche sites, like dozens of them) or even if you can’t find your passion (come on! Where is the love, the love, the love? :P), you should go where the opportunity is.

    You’ll have to find a profitable niche market and build a website around that specific topic.

    It’ll be harder and you’re going to struggle though, because your interest and passion won’t be there to support and push you. But, if you do things right –- especially if you’re more experienced in niche marketing — you can go a long way.

    Besides, you can outsource some of work you need done as content is related.

Ideally, whichever route you choose – passion or opportunity – you need to pick a niche that has a considerable amount of people interested and an interesting demand for related products.

I.e., you need to make sure your niche is profitable (is there something to promote? Is there a decent amount of demand) and has visitors (not too much competition).

How To Build A Successful Niche Site

In order to build a successful niche site and make money online from affiliate marketing (and live the wealthy affiliate dream) you’ll have to work hard.

Those easy days when you could simply build a 5-page micro niche site or even a one-page niche site and make a lot of profit are long gone.

Search engines like Google have had their algorithms updated several times and are now much more demanding when it comes to quality and quality of the content a site or a blog should have to be featured at the top of the SERPs (search engines result pages).

You need to be produce quality and helpful content that (here we go again) answers a question or solves a problem to your readers.

Why is answering a question or solving a problem so important?

Because Google measures the satisfaction a user has when he/she enters a website by the amount of time he/she spends there — this is what’s called the “bounce rate”. (Sure thing, “bounce rate” is only of the hundreds of ranking factors Google uses.)

The lower the bounce rate (the higher time spent on your site) the more trust and authority your site you’ll gain in Google’s eyes.

You see…

Google is trying to get closer and closer to the way a human being thinks.
So they came up with all those countless ranking factors to gauge how good a site is for a visitor.

Google wants its users to find high quality content (or else they’ll stop using it) and…

Google aims to deliver the best possible result so the searcher can easily find whatever he/she is looking for.

If your site answers all of that, Google will fall in love with you (which is easy since you’re so adorable… to “him / her”, putting all that good stuff for your readers and all).

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How to get traffic to your niche website?

You have four possible ways to get people to visit your niche site.

  1. Free target website traffic: Now that you’ve picked your niche site (it’s profitable, it has a demand for niche products and it has a low competition) you can start writing content and using SEO strategies to get visitors from the search engines.

    I’ll be talking about getting free website traffic in greater detail in my Public Niche Site Project Case Study, but as I’ve already told you the best way is to bet on the low-hanging fruit keywords.

    Pick related (to your niche), low competition keywords and write posts targeting them.

  2. Social Traffic: You can take advantage of social networks to bring traffic to your website.

    Create social pages on the major ones (Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus) and share your content there with your followers.

    The more viral your posts get the more visitors to your site you will get.

  3. Mailing list: Setting up an email list is one of the most important steps you should take when building your niche site.

    If you convince people to subscribe to your mailing list, you’ll have a potentially huge source of free targeted traffic to your site as well.

    And your subscribers will keep coming back and back again… for free.

  4. Paid traffic: If you’re not willing to wait for your SEO efforts to work or social traffic doesn’t work for you, you can take the paid traffic route.

    I’ve already gathered tons of buy web traffic tips from experts here on the blog, so take a look and see how to leverage paid ads.

    But, please be aware, you may end up losing a lot money if you don’t know how to advertise your website the right way or if your paid traffic doesn’t convert to paying customers.

Turn your niche site into an authority site

If you keep adding good quality content that helps your readers and that people (and Google) love, you might end up becoming a recognized resource on your topic.

In fact, making ‘help people’ your first priority (instead of concentrating your efforts in making money online like you were just a sales pages), can have you build the go-to website that covers all possible perspectives and angles on your subject.

Then, as the valuable resource your niche site has become, it will turn into an authority site on its own with thousands of monthly visitors and with an incredible income potential.

Building A Niche Site Is A Lot Of Work

If your work hard, are dedicated and are willing to wait for your all your efforts to work, you will succeed.

Be wise and pick a niche that has all the recommendations I referred previously:

  • You have passion about the topic or it’s a good opportunity
  • It is profitable
  • Has low competition
  • Has niche products being sold
  • Has a demand for those products (people searching for it)

And work, work, work!

Finally, you must also play by the rules.

Google often updates its algorithm so you must be careful with what kind of SEO tactics you’re utilizing so you won’t get penalized and lose your site’s rankings.


I hope this post has helped answer that pertinent question: “what is a niche website?”.

I’ve shown you that a niche website is a site / blog about a very specific topic or theme that focus on its visitors (or on the consumers of that kind of products) who share a common interest.

A niche site offers its users quality, useful, interesting, well-organized content (in any form: written posts, images, audio or video) and answers the question or solves the problem that led those users to that niche site.

The better the quality the content has, the more it’ll provide the niche site with trust from its audience and thus increased trust and higher rankings on Google.

A very successful niche site can turn into a valuable resource and rise up to become an authority website that will stand the test of time.

If you’re building a niche site for the first time you should start by picking a theme you genuinely like to talk about so it does not really feel like work to you.

If you’re building yet another niche site you should consider all good opportunities that come your way and add value to your niche site portfolio.

First niche site or not, you ought to take demand, products being sold, number of monthly searches, level of competition and profitability into consideration.

Above all, be prepared for a lot of work and to wait for your niche website to grow and show results.

The seeds you plant today will blossom into beautiful flowers and fruits to be harvested down the road, if you take care of your plantation properly.

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Your Thoughts, Your Questions

That’s about it, boys and girls!

Do you have something to add or to correct?
Are you missing anything or do you need me to clarify a particular part of the post for you?

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