Will It Fly? Book Review: A Must-Read for Entrepreneurs by Pat Flynn

By | Last updated February 22, 2016
Will It Fly? book review. A must-read for entrepreneurs by Pat Flynn

Sometimes you feel lonely and lost…

Not really sure if your idea is actually going to work

«What’s my next step?… Am I doing this right?»

If only you could see the future…

On my Will It Fly? book review, I’ll show you why Pat Flynn’s publication is going to be your new best business friend.

Pat’s book will help you learn in a clear, step-by-step and practical way, if your next business idea is really good to go or a total flop.

It actually is the closest thing to traveling forward in time to build that kind of confidence boost and knowledge!

Keep reading:
I’m about to show you why and how.

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Entrepreneurship Is Tough and Scary… Not Anymore!

Entrepreneurship doesn't have to be scary anymore

Being an entrepreneur is tough and scary.

You start all pumped up and motivated, sure to have found the light, the idea that will make your life much better.

«This is IT!!», you repeatedly say to yourself — «I am finally going to make it, there’s no way back. This time I won’t fail.»

The effervescent energy and boost you get from a new business idea that can turn everything around can only last for so long, though…

From the moment you actually start working on it and realize how hard it is getting, to the hurdles and unexpected obstacles that you find on your path, you begin to wonder…

«What if I fail? What if this simply doesn’t work at all? What If my idea is not that great after all? How is my family going to take it if I don’t make it?»

I should know better. I’ve been there.
I still am.

These are the most common types of thoughts that invade our minds when we are ready to jump into the obscure, the unknown, the uncertainty of a new business project.

It doesn’t have to be that tough.
It doesn’t have to be that scary.

Not anymore.

Pat Flynn Is Here to Help You

Pat Flynn is here to take you by the hand in a step-by-step approach guide to help you understand if your idea is right or not before you actually take the plunge.

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In Will It Fly? — How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money this famous blogger and podcaster will lead on the right path to your goals.

I invite you to read my Will It Fly? book review so you can see how much of a valuable resource it can become to you and to your business.

Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn book review

First, though, let me introduce you to the author.

Who Is Pat Flynn?

Pat Flynn, Will It Fly?'s author

Pat Flynn is a successful entrepreneur (or internetpreneur, since he operates mostly online), a blogger and a podcaster.

He runs the widely-known Smart Passive Income blog (SPI) where he shares both his successes and failures running his online businesses in the most transparent, straightforward and honest way while explaining how to make money online.

Flynn goes even further on his quest for total transparency and trust by actually discriminating how much he makes online on his monthly earning reports.

Pat calls himself the “crash-test dummy of online businesses”.

He’s continually learning and testing new business ideas each and every day and has been doing such since he was laid off from his job as an architect in 2008 due to the Great Recession.

The SPI Podcast is yet another of his huge successes.

Using a friendly and close tone of voice (just like he does on his blog) Pat Flynn teaches people the best ways to earn a passive income online by talking from his experience and interviewing other successful online business people.

By reading, listening or watching him on his SPI TV videos you can’t help seeing him as more like a friend, someone that is there to help you fulfilling your online goals.

As for me…
Pat Flynn is my MENTOR and true INSPIRATIONAL character mainly because my story deeply resonates with his and I really enjoy how he explains things without holding anything back and revealing his every thoughts.

Whether you’re new to Internet Marketing, or already have an existing online business, Pat Flynn is THE man to follow.

About the Will It Fly? Book

Will It Fly? review by Pat Flynn

Will It Fly? is a 210-page book that is very easy to understand and to learn from.

It’s also a quick read:
It’ll take you about 3,5 hours to do so, if you’re like the average reader (who’s able to read about 200 words per minute).

And a pleasant one too:
Expect nothing less than Pat’s friendly and supportive tone.

In fact, I would go beyond just calling it a mere book:
It is more like a guide or a course hosted by someone you know.

It contains examinations within every chapter to reassess what you’ve just learned and start taking action on your ideas.

Better yet:
Those examinations will put your idea — not really you, don’t be scared! — to the test.

Some of those exercises take longer than others and while some of them you might already know and did to test your business idea, all of them serve their point and act as refresher for the more experienced people.

Just as I like them:
Pat’s techniques and tests are really meticulous and objective.

If you complete the book’s exercises, you’ll soon find out that this will be the most testing you’ve ever done to a business idea.

To complement all of the knowledge, techniques, strategies, tips and stories shared there is also a free companion online course with more helpful content and videos that will take the publication’s chapters to a whole new level.

What’s Inside the Book

What's inside the book Will It Fly?

Will It Fly? — How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money is divided into five main sections.

1. Mission Design

More important that figuring out what your goals are is understanding WHY they are important to you.

In Mission Design, Pat takes you in a series of questions to help you gauge your life priorities, remember past experiences and how all of that correlates to your business idea.

Why are you going to business in the first place? What’s your definition of success?
Is your business idea aligned with you and yourself? Does it fit you?
What is important to you? What do you enjoy doing?

Mission Design will be your first big test to realize where you’re getting yourself into and learning if it really is for you.

2. Development Lab

Before actually getting your hands dirty you should always test your idea.

In Development Lab, the author guides you through the possible ways you have to validate and investigate your idea. This section expands your ideas, groups and challenges them to make them stronger.

You should talk about it to your followers, subscribers or readers and let them weed out the good from the bad.

It’s all about figuring out if your idea will actually stand its ground.

3. Flight Planning

Now it’s time for some market research and evaluate how it will respond to your idea.

In Flight Planning, you will learn how to find people interested in your idea, where they hang out and you will make sure you know your audience to ensure your idea is the right fit for them.

This section will give the tools to identify and analyze your competition and assess market conditions.

4. Flight Simulator

Back then, they also wondered: will it fly?

Here you’ll learn how to small-scale validate your idea.

You’ll take a tiny segment of your existing audience — which is, in itself, your target market — pre-sell your product and get their quality feedback so that you can fine-tune your business idea.

Fligh Simulator will help you figure out if your product or service actually solves a problem or answers a question.

5. All Systems Go

On this final section, you’ll be asked again:
Are you sure this is what you want?

You’ll get the framework to finally launch your business following several important rules to measure its success.

Conclusion & Verdict

Education has always been the BEST use of my money.
I’ve taken countless courses, got lots of certifications, made tons of exams and read a huge number of books.

To be honest, every time I wanted to learn a new skill or improve my existing knowledge I would go online and order a book about the subject online. This is actually how I learned most of my skills.

Obviously for me, getting a valuable resource — in the shape of a book, like this — is NOT money badly spent.

Quite the opposite: it is an INVESTMENT.
A great investment in you, in your education, in your business and in your future.

Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn is the best example of the perfect investment in your education and in your business.

It will teach you a lot, you’ll get inside an expert’s mind and you’ll see how he does business and reaches success.

Besides, if you follow what the book offers it will save you a ton of time and money the next time you have a business idea you want to try out.

I totally recommend Pat Flynn’s Will It Fly? book, hands down!!

Learn from the BEST in the business, GET Pat Flynn’s Will It Fly? book NOW
… and stop wasting your valuable time and hard-earned money!!